Moths in the A.C.T. Errata

Page 25

Phalaenoides glycinae is subfamily Agaristinae, not subfamily Arctiinae as originally stated.

Page 123

The left hand of the two photos captioned "Synemon plana female" is a second photo of a male.

Page 239

The captions for the sexes of Armactica conchidia are reversed. The comment about Armactica conchidia females resembling Acontia species should have referred to Armactica conchidia males.

Page 258-9

The photo captioned “Diarsia intermixta female” on p258 is actually Proteuxoa porphyrescens. It is the female among the many specimens in the Celaenia excavata spider’s catch discussed on p259 as D. intermixta. The specimen selected for illustration was the single one in the group that was really P. porphyrescens. Disarsia intermixta is illustrated on p256 (and P. porphyrescens is shown again on p244).

This means that there was a further species in the spider’s catch than was originally documented. It remains surprising that the specimen is a female.