Highlights of this book about Australian moths

Highlights of the Book

  •  280 full colour pages covering 700 species with 1500 photos
  •  Learn how to observe the moth world
  •  Marvel at a multitude of interesting facts about moths
  •  Discover more about local species
  •  Read about important body structures and how to identify moth species
  •  Read about the intriguing life cycles of moths
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Highlights of this book about moths in Australia
Canberra moths | Moths in the Australian Capital Territory

Learn about the fascinating world of moths in the Australian Capital Territory

This detailed reference is brimming with spectacular full-colour photographs of live moths paired with a bevy of captivating moth facts. Whether you are a moth enthusiast or are simply exploring with the kids, this book is your gateway to an intriguing new world.

Many people may dismiss moths as drab, boring creatures that hide away in the dark of night, but this overlooks not just the incredible beauty and variety of our local moths, but also their wonderful life stories.

Moths in the A.C.T.


Moths in the A.C.T.
Australian moths
Canberra moths
Types of moths
Moth identification
Moths of Australia
Moths in the A.C.T.
Moths in the ACT
Moths in Australian Capital Territory
Common Moths.
Moths in the A.C.T.
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